Clean Arkansas

Clean Arkansas

Project Clean Arkansas is an initiative to support cleanliness and environmental preservation in the state of Arkansas. Volunteers who join this project assemble into teams and perform regular cleanups of public places, parks, beaches and other locations.

The program includes the following steps and activities

Volunteer Registration

People interested in participating can register on the JamesArk website by filling out the appropriate form. Here they can indicate their preferences for the location and time of the cleanup.

Forming Teams

Volunteers will be organized into teams that will work in specific areas or sites. This will help make the process more organized and efficient.

Organizing Cleanup Events

Regular clean-up events will be held at various locations throughout Arkansas. The date, time and location will be determined in advance and information will be available in the mailings for volunteers.

Providing Tools and Instruments

Volunteers will be provided with necessary tools and supplies such as gloves, trash bags, brooms and brushes to perform the cleanup.

Training and Guidance

Volunteers will be provided with instructions on how to safely and effectively pick up and dispose of trash prior to the cleanup event. Guidelines and tips on waste separation and recycling will also be provided.

Reporting and Recognition

Volunteers will be encouraged to complete reports on the work performed and the amount of trash collected. Each volunteer’s service and contributions will be recognized and acknowledged, such as through certificates of appreciation or special awards.

Through participation in Clean Arkansas, volunteers will be active participants in creating a cleaner, healthier Arkansas environment. By working together, we can preserve the beauty of our state, bring attention to the issue of litter, and benefit the community. Clean Arkansas invites everyone to volunteer to make a difference in our state.