Mentorship for Youth

Mentorship for Youth

Project Mentorship for Youth is an initiative to support Arkansas youth through mentoring and support in a variety of areas. Volunteers who join the project become mentors for young people, helping them with their education, career development and personal growth.

The program includes the following steps and activities

Registration of volunteers and young participants

Those interested in becoming mentors and young people in need of support can register on the JamesArk website, indicating their interests, skills, and needs.

Matching Mentors and Young Participants

Project organizers will review volunteer and youth participant profiles to match them with common interests and goals.

Meetings and Activities

Mentors and young participants will participate in regular meetings and events where they can network, share experiences and learn from each other. These can include one-on-one meetings, group activities, workshops, excursions and other interaction formats.

Educational and Career Development Assistance

Mentors will provide educational guidance and support to help young participants with curriculum choices, skills development and career planning. They can also provide information on colleges, scholarships and other educational opportunities.

Motivation and Personal Development

Mentors will support young participants by helping them develop self-confidence, leadership skills, courage and determination. They will encourage young people to achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

Tracking Progress

Project organizers will track the progress and successes of the youth participants and gather feedback from mentors and program participants. This will allow them to assess the effectiveness of the program and make necessary adjustments for further improvement.


Volunteers and young program participants will have the opportunity to interact in an online community, sharing information, asking questions, and connecting outside of regular meetings.

Recognition and encouragement

Volunteers and youth participants will be recognized and rewarded for their contributions and achievements within the program. Awards ceremonies, certificates and other forms of recognition may be arranged.

The Mentorship for Youth program is designed to provide support and inspiration to young people in Arkansas, helping them develop and reach their potential. We invite everyone to become mentors and youth participants in the program to work together to build a strong community of support and growth in our state.