3 Reasons to Volunteer While Young

3 Reasons to Volunteer While Young

Reason 1. Exceptional experience

Through volunteering, you will discover non-formal education and learn practical skills. You choose the specialization in which you want to try yourself. After all, volunteers attend or organize educational lectures and conferences, participate in social projects and events, run social media pages, communicate with participants and guests of events, etc.

Moreover, volunteering experience is a key to a good resume. For employers, volunteering is often an indicator of a candidate’s civic position and activity, confirming their high initiative and motivation in work.

Reason . Networking

Networking, or a network of useful acquaintances, is a great advantage of volunteering. Social projects, events, and conferences are always organized and attended by interesting people, and you will have the opportunity to meet them. At these events, you can meet your future employer or even your love. Therefore, voluntarily spending time helping others is useful both for your own image and for expanding your network.

Reason 3. Self-realization

According to a 1996 study by Harlow and Cantor, volunteering is correlated with a sense of personal importance and life satisfaction. Mahatma Gandhi said that the best way to find yourself is to focus on helping others. As soon as you realize your project for the first time, you will want to do it again. It’s hard to confuse this feeling of joy with anything else.

So don’t miss the opportunity, volunteering is waiting for you!