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Defending and Strengthening Arkansas Farmers

Agriculture brings nearly $20 Billion of revenue into the Arkansas economy annually. As the nation's leading producer of rice and cotton, our farms feed the world. We need a U.S. Senator who will be a vocal advocate for our hard-working farmers and stand up for them in Washington D.C.


Natalie James will work tirelessly to protect and strengthen Arkansas farmers. As Senator, she will work toward addressing social disparities and fight for much-needed relief. Also, she will advocate for comprehensive trade and tariffs policies that continue to allow Arkansas Farmers an opportunity to share in a global economy.  


Arkansas is home to family farmers struggling to stay afloat, while Senator Boozman voted against measures to provide aid to African American farmers. Natalie believes it's time to level the playing fields and close the disproportionate equal opportunity gap for black and minority farmers. 


As your Senator, Natalie James will:

  • Fight trade policies that hurt Arkansas farmers.

  • Ensure the U.S.D.A. (the U.S. Department of Agriculture) adopts policies that close the equal opportunity gap for small, minority, and black-owned farms; while expanding existing resources.

  • Expand market access for Arkansas grown products. and

  • Ensure Arkansas farmers have a voice in the conversation regarding the U.S. efforts to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

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