Climate Change Banners


Sustaining a Place to Call Home

Between the floodings and extreme weather in the south to the week(s), long wildfires along the west coast, these are an impactful reminder of how climate change is taking a toll on our daily lives. Arkansas desperately needs a Senator who acknowledges the scientific truth that climate change exists and that the time to act on that science is NOW!


As the mother of two young daughters, Natalie James is fully committed to and focused on ensuring that her daughters and every child have a planet to call home. As a realtor, she joined the profession to help Arkansans find their dream home. She will support measures that ensure environmental equity and justice, ensuring that every American has access to clean water, air, and housing while addressing the burden placed on black and brown communities. 


Natalie believes that we must address climate change head-on. She shares the view that we ought to be moving toward a clean energy economy that will put Arkansans and Americans to work, reduce fossil fuel usage, and sustain a world to call home. 


As your U.S. Senator, she will:


  • Support President Biden in his efforts to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord and continue our committed effort to combat climate change. 

  • Prioritize efforts to roll back Scott Pruitt & the Trump Administrations' war on the Clean Power Plan and Environmental Justice.

  • Hold Corporate America accountable for its role in assuring our goal of net-zero emission by 2050

  • Advocate for black and brown communities in the development of a clean energy economy.