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Pillars of Justice

Criminal Justice Reform: 

Justice and Liberty for All

Arkansas needs leaders who know that our nation's incarceration rates are higher than that of any other country and understand the challenges those reentering our society face after paying their debt to society and that real change must occur. 


Natalie believes that we must address the reality of the role the school-to-prison pipeline plays in feeding our prison population crisis as far too often, these practices leave relentless burdens on poor, low-income, and Black-Brown Communities. 


Natalie believes we must fund our law enforcement agencies responsibly. She hears the cries of communities to rebuild relationships with local law enforcement agencies and communities, which is why she will support legislation to end qualified immunity and hold law enforcement officers accountable. She shares the view that we must make intentional investments in law enforcement agencies that provide training and additional resources to officers to establish community trust. 


As your Senator, She will:

  • Fund police departments responsibly so that accountability and restoring trust are possible;

  • End Qualified Immunity

  • Create and Strengthen pathways for re-entry citizens;

  • Reduce Senseless Gun Violence; and

  • Support measures to put an end to mass incarceration. 

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