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Engineer in Factory

Jobs and Economy:

An American Dream for the People

Natalie James acknowledges the economic impact the global pandemic has imposed on communities across our state, and for some, the pandemic only worsened a financially burdened situation. 


Before the global pandemic, many Arkansans felt like our economy didn't work for them or their families. Small businesses were working overtime to keep their doors open, and the entrepreneurial spirits of black and brown folks were dying in the parking lots of banks. 


Growing up as the daughter of a small business owner and public school teacher, Natalie and her three sisters learned early in life the value of hard work and helping others; now, as a mother, she sees the increased hardship for families like hers and many across Arkansas. 


Natalie James believes that we need to rebuild our economy to give every American a fair shot at the American dream, beginning by easing the burden of student loan debt that hinders many Americans from achieving financial security. She knows that it's time for the U.S. to follow in the footsteps of Arkansas and raise the minimum wage to a living wage. Natalie will prioritize measures to protect workers in the workplace. 


As a senator, she will:

  • Revoke tax breaks for corporations that outsource American jobs.

  • Oppose the automation of American jobs while supporting Made in America incentives for corporations. 

  • Prioritize assistance to small and minority businesses and entrepreneurs. 

  • Advocate for a living wage for all Americans.

  • Invest in vocational and technical training and opportunities. 

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