Public Infrastructure:
Equal & Just Access for all Arkansans

Our nation's broken infrastructure system is continuing to present real challenges for many Arkansans and Americans who rely on roads to transport their family, get to work, rely on public infrastructure for clean drinking water, and in times of severe weather disasters. 


In 2019, Severe weather contributed $1.2 Billion in damages to our nation's public infrastructure. As the effects of climate change continue to escalate, the threat to our public infrastructure grows. 


The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated the challenges many of our communities face. Natalie shares the belief that we must address the disparities of rural and low-income Americans grappling with the lack of access to broadband and internet access.


Natalie believes that by investing in a clean energy economy, we can establish careers of the 21st Century and make green investments in our public infrastructure systems. Also, she will support equitable investments in internet and broadband access, giving a boost to small businesses and communities often left behind in a growing global economy. 


As your senator, she will:

  • Prioritize investments in internet and broadband to expand access;

  • Support the funding of projects aimed at strengthening underserved communities and communities of color;

  • Improve existing water infrastructures while investing in green efforts to roll back pollution and strengthen communities; and

  • Repair roads, bridges, and infrastructures in rural and urban communities often deprived of sustaining infrastructure.