Share a Smile: Volunteering in Nursing Homes

Share a Smile: Volunteering in Nursing Homes

Date: 10.10/22.10 – 2023

Location: Various nursing homes throughout the state of Arkansas

Event Description

“Share a Smile: Volunteering in Arkansas Nursing Homes” is an initiative to provide support and companionship to seniors living in nursing homes throughout the state of Arkansas. The event offers volunteers the opportunity to actively participate in the lives of seniors, share their time, care and create a positive atmosphere for all participants.

Program of the event

Registration and organization

Volunteers will be invited to pre-register on the volunteer website where they can express their interest and availability to participate. Organizers will plan task assignments and volunteer preparation.

Companionship and Conversations

Volunteers will spend time with seniors talking with them, listening to stories and sharing their own. They will be able to provide companionship, express caring and create a friendly atmosphere.

Recreational Activities

Volunteers organize a variety of recreational activities, such as musical performances, dancing, reading books or holding creative workshops. Help with daily tasks: Help with daily tasks

Volunteers will assist seniors with daily tasks such as helping with meals, accompanying them on walks, reading, writing, or helping with technical devices.

Organizing Holidays and Holiday Events

Volunteers organize holiday events and celebrations for seniors to make those moments special. This may include celebrating birthdays, Easter, Christmas and other significant events.

Accompanying to Events

Volunteers will accompany seniors to events inside and outside of nursing homes, such as concerts, exhibits, trips to parks and other places of interest. The purpose of this is to support social interaction and provide opportunities for seniors to enjoy a variety of events.

Volunteer Projects

Volunteers can help with a variety of volunteer projects in nursing homes, such as cleaning, organizing the library, gardening, or helping with events. The goal of such projects is to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for the elderly.

Training and interaction

Volunteers will have the opportunity to network and share experiences with other volunteers and event organizers. There will be training sessions and discussions to improve the skills of working with the elderly and learn how to effectively interact with them.

Share a Smile: Volunteering in Arkansas Nursing Homes offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to bring joy and support to seniors by creating an atmosphere of warmth and caring. Through this event, you can be a part of making a positive difference in the lives of seniors and make a meaningful contribution to the Arkansas community.