World Youth Festival 2024

World Youth Festival 2024

Date: January 15 – January 19, 2024

Time: 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: online

The online program for the Arkansas World Youth Festival 2024 event will be a virtual platform where youth can interact, learn and share experiences without being physically present.

Online Program

Virtual Opening and Welcome

The event will begin with a virtual opening and welcome to attendees. There will be speeches, presentations, and greetings from representatives of Arkansas organizations and authorities as well as other countries and international organizations.

Virtual Forums and Panel Discussions

There will be virtual forums and panel discussions on a variety of topics related to youth, education, social issues, cultural diversity and other relevant issues. Participants will be able to participate in discussions, ask questions and share their opinions.

Virtual Cultural Events

There will be virtual performances, concerts, dance shows and other cultural events featuring youth talent and cultural traditions from Arkansas and beyond. Participants will enjoy a variety of cultural expressions and learn more about youth from around the world.

Virtual Workshops and Trainings

There will be virtual workshops and trainings on a variety of topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity, technology and more. Participants will learn new skills, develop their potential and share their experiences with others.

Virtual Cultural Fair

There will be a virtual venue where participants can present their cultural traditions, crafts, music, culinary delights and other aspects of their culture. Participants will be able to learn more about the cultural diversity of Arkansas and other countries and share their own cultural identities.

Virtual Sports Events

There will be virtual sporting events where participants can compete in a variety of sports and showcase their sporting accomplishments. There will be online competitions, Challenges and other activities that promote an active lifestyle and healthy competition.

Virtual closing and award ceremony

The event will end with a virtual closing and awarding ceremony, where the results of the festival will be summed up, the outstanding achievements will be highlighted and thanks to the participants and organizers.

The World Youth Festival 2024 Arkansas Virtual Event Program will allow youth from around the world to participate, share experiences and enjoy cultural diversity from the comfort of their own homes. This is a great opportunity to engage and inspire young people and create a global community for positive change.