Natalie James, middle child of Roy and Charlotte James, she grew up in West Central Little Rock. Her mother was an elementary school teacher, and her father was a small businessman and a preacher. Their parents taught them the value of hard work and helping others. Natalie went to work early in life. 

As a kid, she spent her weekends helping her dad run their family store. She watched her family cope with different sets of illness and some classified at a pre existing conditions making it harder to receive insurance for proper care.

She grew up watching people battle mental illness and wished there was a better way to get everyone the help they needed especially for black and lower income families


On her journey to become an Obstetrician, Natalie enrolled at the Unversity of Arkansas at Little Rock. Shortly after, she started a new journey of motherhood. She started a career in customer services dedicated to providing for and keeping her family afloat.

In 2015, Natalie began her career as a realtor. She used her new occupation to drive her passion for helping families obtain stable homes. She made it her mission to help Arkansans accomplish their first step in the American Dream. In 2020, Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. Appointed Natalie to the City of Little Rock Land Bank Commission. During the social unrest of the summer of 2020, Natalie played an active role in bridging the gap of communication between communities of color and local elected leaders.


 In 2021, the President of the Little Rock Branch of the NAACP appointed James to serve as Chair of the Branch Political Action Committee. In this role, James repeatedly defended attacks on women's healthcare, voting rights, LGBTQ Arkansans, Small Business owners, criminal justice reform. As a champion for criminal justice reform, she led the unsuccessful efforts during the Arkansas 93rd General Assembly to hold law enforcement officers accountable and to end qualified immunity in the wake of tragic police killings across the country.

Natalie wants to take her commitment and dedication to justice and equality for all to the nation's capital. As our U.S. Senator, she will use her office to support values such as expanding access to affordable health care, a living wage, ending big money in politics, moving our nation forward on the climate crisis, investing in our public education system, and restoring hope and trust in our government.