Natalie James, is the second youngest child of Charlotte James, an elementary school teacher of 34 years, and Roy James, an Insurance Broker, Community Advocate, and Pastor. Her parents' lives taught her the value of hard work, helping others, and having a servant's spirit.

As a child, Natalie spent her weekends helping her dad at their family store, Uncle T's, still located in Little Rock today. Across the street from the store stands McIntosh's Memorial, a lot that bears the crosses of those who have died to violent crime.


As Natalie watched this memorial grow over the years she realized it was not just a tribute to the victims, but a testament to what happens when society doesn't provide its citizens with basic needs. The violence that expanded that memorial was interwoven with our country's lack of mental healthcare resources, educational opportunities, and the working poor who are paid too little to make ends meet.


Natalie attended Little Rock public schools and The University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she saw first hand the impact of an underfunded educational system and how it affects our children's education and opportunities. 


 Not one to be deterred, Natalie found opportunities to expand her mind and fill in the gaps by involving herself in extracurricular activities like sports and student government.

In 2015, Natalie started her career as a Realtor and used her occupation to drive her passion for helping families obtain stable and affordable homes. She uses her space of influence to teach the importance financial stability in communities often left behind. She has made it her mission to help Arkansans accomplish their first step in the American Dream.

In 2020, Mayor Frank Scott, Jr., appointed Natalie to the City of Little Rock Land Bank Commission where she has served since. The Land Bank's mission mandate is to find owners for blighted properties in Little Rock to improve neighborhoods and get them back on the tax rolls. These properties are often in neglected communities. It has been Natalie's pleasure helping bring these communities back.


 In 2021, the President of the Little Rock Branch of the NAACP appointed Natalie to serve as Chair of the Branch Political Action Committee. In this role, James repeatedly defended attacks on women's healthcare, voting rights, LGBTQ Arkansans, small business owners, and criminal justice reform.


As a champion for criminal justice reform, she led unsuccessful efforts during the Arkansas 93rd General Assembly to hold law enforcement officers accountable and to end qualified immunity in the wake of tragic police killings across the country.

During the social unrest of the summer of 2020, She took an active role in bridging the gap of communication between communities of color, local police department, and local elected leaders. These events, combined with Natalie's history of community service, let her know that it was her time to take her service to Arkansans to the US Senate.


Natalie wants to take her commitment, dedication, grit, advocacy for justice and equality for all to the Nation's Capitol. As our U.S. Senator, she will use her position to support values such as expanding access to affordable health care, advocating for a living wage, supporting legislation that ends big money in politics, move our nation forward on addressing the climate crisis, support legislation that will invest in our public education system, all while restoring hope and trust in our government.


We can make our society better so the memorial she saw as a child can be a thing of the past.