3 Reasons to Volunteer While Young

Reason 1. Exceptional experience Through volunteering, you will discover non-formal education and learn practical skills. You choose the specialization in which you want to try yourself. After all, volunteers attend or organize educational lectures and conferences, participate in social projects and events, run social media pages, communicate with participants and guests of events, etc. Moreover, volunteering experience is a key […]

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program is an initiative designed to provide companionship and support to seniors. The goal of the program is to improve the quality of life of older people by providing them with company, assistance, and participation in various daily tasks. Volunteers who join the project become companions for seniors and create a positive relationship with them. The program […]

Community Food Drive

The Community Food Drive is an initiative to collect food and other necessities to support local families in need. The goal of the program is to combat hunger and provide assistance to those in need. Volunteers who join the project play an important role in collecting, sorting and distributing food to families in need. The program includes the following steps […]

Ready to Change the World?

We believe that a good action has great power and strive to give everyone the opportunity to feel its transformative effect. Yes, we believe in the potential of every person to change the world. Every good deed, no matter how small, can have a great power and positive impact on our environment. Our goal is to empower everyone to feel […]

Mentorship for Youth

Project Mentorship for Youth is an initiative to support Arkansas youth through mentoring and support in a variety of areas. Volunteers who join the project become mentors for young people, helping them with their education, career development and personal growth. The program includes the following steps and activities Registration of volunteers and young participants Those interested in becoming mentors and […]

Clean Arkansas

Project Clean Arkansas is an initiative to support cleanliness and environmental preservation in the state of Arkansas. Volunteers who join this project assemble into teams and perform regular cleanups of public places, parks, beaches and other locations. The program includes the following steps and activities Volunteer Registration People interested in participating can register on the JamesArk website by filling out […]

Help with what you do best

This is a great philosophy! Best of all, what you are good at and love to do can be extremely useful to other people. Your unique skills, talents and knowledge can be a valuable contribution to improving the lives of others. If you are a volunteer, try to find a way to apply your abilities to your voluntary work. If […]