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School Bus & Children


A Pathway for every American to the American Dream

Natalie believes that every child should have access to quality K-12 education and that your zip code or family's annual income shouldn't be a factor. 


As the daughter and granddaughter of educators, Natalie James knows the significance of investing in our education system and our educators; As a mother, she understands the importance of having an enriched Pre-K program to ensure the best educational success. 


Natalie recognizes the challenges students face today and believes we must invest fully in our teachers and schools; they have resources to provide a 21st Century Education.  


She shares the belief that those who want to attend college should do so without the fear of mountains of debt or burdens of hardship; she supports reducing the cost of higher education and relieving the financial burden of student loan debt placed on many Americans. 


As a small business owner, she understands that college is not for everyone; those who decide not to attend college should have opportunities to obtain financially supportive careers and provide for their families.


As your Senator, she will:

  • Strengthen our public school system;

  • Prioritize Pre-K education;

  • Defend Educators and advocate for school resources, and

  • Rollback the cost of higher education and ease the burden of student loan debt. 

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